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Jerusalem Journey: Yes, Scott Found Waffles, Carl Marx (With a ‘C’) and Betty Boop in Jerusalem

We all know what Scott likes on his cheat day — waffles. And yes, indeed, he managed to sniff out a waffle place already. Must be the waffle spidey sense. And lest we forget the Carl Marx lamp s...

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Greetings From Jerusalem!

Greetings from Jerusalem! Today will be our first full day in the city. The flight from JFK was just under 10 hours, and fortunately, uneventful. I may have watched the movie “Soul Surfer.”...

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Patriotic Trivia: Interesting Tidbits to Share Around the Dinner Table

1) Here is a logic question that’s given by some companies to job applicants. See how well you do on it: British Captain James Cook made three long voyages in the 1700s, exploring New Zealand, the o...

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GRAPH: The History of the Debt Ceiling

via WSJ — take a look at 2008 on …and note it’s dollars in trillions:...

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