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Scott Baker

Scott Baker

Scott Baker, Editor-in-Chief of The Blaze, is a veteran broadcast journalist, commentator and web news editor with a quarter-century of experience covering news stories of all kinds.

In 2007, Scott co-founded Breitbart.tv. He served as Chief Operating Officer and co-editor of the site for three years. During that time, Breitbart.tv logged more than 175 million page views on nearly 30,000 hand-crafted news video posts. Breitbart.tv has posted some of the most-watched news videos on the Internet and reached peak traffic of more than 10 million page views in a single month.

Scott is also a principal at Hot Metal Media, a video production company in Pittsburgh. HMM produces The B-Cast, a long-form news/talk webcast that airs live weekdays at 4pm ET. More than three million viewers have watched the live or on-demand versions of the show over the past two years, with some 50,000 unique viewers of the live program each month.

Prior to the launch of Breitbart.tv, Scott served as Vice President for Business Development at the busy news aggregation site Breitbart.com. During that time, the site was redesigned and relaunched with a host of new content.

A Virginia native, Scott became interested in broadcasting while working on political campaigns during his school years at Wheaton College (Illinois). He was state president of the Illinois College Republicans and worked on the full-time staff of the Reagan-Bush ‘84 campaign. He graduated from Wheaton with a degree in Political Science.

Scott first met Ronald Reagan after winning the Veterans of Foreign Wars’ Voice of Democracy audio-essay contest during his senior year in high school. Past winners of the Voice of Democracy contest include Charles Kuralt, Anita Bryant, and John Ashcroft.

His broadcast journalism career involved time at the Voice of America in Washington, D.C., CBS News in New York, and at local television stations in Erie, Pennsylvania, and Saginaw, Michigan, and for 13 years as a primary anchor at WTAE-TV in Pittsburgh.

Broadcast news viewers came to know Scott best for both his humor and his skills anchoring and reporting during breaking news events.

Scott is a frequent speaker and seminar leader across the country. For 15 years, he led the Broadcast Journalism School at the Leadership Institute in Arlington, Virginia. Thousands of students attended the intense two-day seminar which focused on strategies for launching successful media careers.

He is also the author of a stage play for young people on the life of the composer Dvorak. This play has been performed at New York’s Carnegie Hall.

Scott has four children and lives with his wife (and some of the younger kids) in Pittsburgh.

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Liz Stephans
Liz Stephans

Liz Stephans is CEO of Hot Metal Media, a video production company based in Pittsburgh, PA. HMM produces the popular online news/talk program “The B-Cast,” which Stephans co-hosts. Millions of viewers have watched the live and on-demand versions of the program since its inception in 2007.

Stephans joined the dominant news aggregation site Breitbart.com in 2006 as VP for Product Development.

She transitioned roles in 2007, becoming a co-founder and co-owner of Breitbart.tv, a news video site that also became home to “The B-Cast.” During her time as CTO (2007-2010), Breitbart.tv experienced explosive growth, logging more than 175 million page views in its first three years on nearly 30,000 posts.

Stephans has an extensive background in online news and web content creation.

In 2001, she joined the staff of US Senator Rick Santorum where she ran constituent
communications and the Senator’s web site.

While in DC, she earned her Master’s Degree in Media and Public Affairs from The George Washington University.

Stephans transitioned from politics to media in 2004, when she became an Associate Producer at WTAE-TV in her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. That role led to an online news position with Internet Broadcasting as a web editor for ThePittsburghChannel.com where she served until leaving to create Breitbart.tv with partners Andrew Breitbart and Scott Baker.

Stephans received her Honors Baccalaureate in Spanish from Virginia Tech in 2001, with concentrations in
Latin American Relations and Foreign Language Education.

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